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Chaban - 29 Diciembre 09:37

fr , Chico jovencito muy rebelde y mandón, dominante, me gusta tener perras que me paguen por humillarlas y dominarlas a mi manera, trabajo con todos

Mcdermott - 6 Febrero 17:59

Metlaltoyuca es vocablo mexica, compuesto de "metatl", metate; "ton" apócope de tontli, diminutivo; "yotl yutl", indica el ser de la cosa, y "can", lugar; cuyo significado total es "Lugar lleno de Metatitos".

Attaway - 13 Octubre 18:37

FINALLY! WE have arguements about if its urine or not among friends and I know it isn't urine, it's something else. There isn't the ammonia compounds or anything! I think this will be shared! A LOT!В

Mccubrey - 5 Mayo 08:19

The only well-documented cases of antibiotics interfering with hormonal contraceptives that I'm aware of is the antibiotic drug Rifampicin. So yes, it is possible (if unlikely, since Rifampicin isn't used much). However, the advice to ask a doctor is always good advice, even to hypotheticals because if you're ever in that position, we don't want you relying on us, random Internet people, over asking your doctor (or better yet, pharmacist with up-to-date access to journals and drug manuals.

Sondra - 6 Octubre 22:14

This video is a joke right? Or are we are having a serious conversation about fucking macaroni and cheese and stuffed animals? I was waiting for the family pet to be added into your mix somewhere.

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